Terrain problem

Hey there! Could someone please help? I’m having this terrain problem and it’s not very comfortable taxiing on it,
Device: Samsung tab S3.

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Please explain the problem? And the OS you are on with the version of infinite flight.

Have you tried uninstalling the App or trying it on another device?

Well when I move the aircraft view or angle the terrain goes everywhere and so like the runway gets without having the markings and stuff and the taxi way.

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Yes I have and it’s fine on my phone with no problem but I don’t seem why I’m having this on my tablet,I’ve buyed alot of aircrafts so I play more on my tablet

Ok. Have you tried force restarting? Deleting and reinstalling IF? Different airport?

I have had this before, try putting your settings to the lowest setting and then after that put them back up.

Ok so like I do one flight with low settings then another one with high?

Yep and still didn’t fix it…

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No, just go onto the settings switch them all to lowest, then, go off wait a couple of seconds. After that go back into the settings and turn them back up, try it, it worked for me!

Ok let me try that,wait a sec

Nope,didn’t work :( What device are you using?

Ok, are you on iPhone?

Samsung tab s3 it runs all good on infinite flight except this terrain problem…

Ok, have you tried switching the phone fully off and on? Also, how long have you had the glitch for?

I’ve had this since I’ve buyed the game

Restart your device and Infinite Flight, then uninstall Infinite Flight and then get it back.

I’ve tried that and didn’t work

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You could try restoring the app?

That was my best try as I am An iOS user.