Terrain not loading

Ok so I was doing a flight from jfk to princess juliana (TNCM) and as I was being guided in for the visual, nothing would load. In the top right it had a red exclamation next to where it says global server. The terrain was blurry, and I couldn’t distinguish anything other than land and water. Same thing happened a few days ago when I was flying into Santiago. Could be a problem with my iPad.

This sounds like you have a poor internet connection. You might be too far away from your router or WiFi extender.


I checked during flight it said I had full connection

I have been able to identify and analyze this event, since it has happened to me several times and I could determine a factor which causes this. Look, when changing the views/cameras on the flight, especially in the ATC section, since it focuses on an airport and for this reason it bugs and does not load the airport terrain where you are going. The solution that I have found to this problem is not to change the camera to the ATC section at any time during the flight and in this way I have avoided that problem. I recommend you try this method :)

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Clear your cache and see if that helps. It usually works for me. Or I’ll just reset my app.

How do I reset my app

I’ve had poor connection almost every time I fly, my terrain loss just fine.

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