Terrain Not Loading /Global Server "Red"-Is it just me?

No one else has said anything, so here goes.
For the last two days, I cannot load terrain. I get the start screen-- with the airplanes in the que-- and “loading” going continuously. I get the HUD display, maps, anything on the lower bar plus buttons SPD, ALT, NAV,HDG, PWR, etc. super-imposed over the start screen, which continues to load. I can operate them; that is change what they do, ie maps, autopilot.all lower bar choices. I can select System Status.
System status gives me green lights on all but Global Server which remans “red”.
I use Nvidia Tablet and Android phone.
I have uninstalled and factory reset. Problem shows up on both.
My thoughts are it is the delivery through the line from the source, though not necessarily the source.
My wifi signal is normal as always and strong. All other things work on my tablet, phone and PC laptop.
Anyone else esperience this?

Settings -> Genera(scroll down) -> Clear Scenery Cache. Also what devices exactly are you using?

Thank you. Have cleared cache before.
Using Nvidia Tablet K1 and LG Android phone.
Problem dhows up in both.

How much free storage space do you have?

Over 40gigs storage free.

Are you using a VPN by chance?

Checked settings
Enable iPv6 was turned on. Don’t know why. Turned it off. Restarted Tablet.
Started IF . Still happens.

Interesting that it happens on tablet and phone, especially since no one else has reported it here.

That makes me think there is something with your home network.

Does it happen with your phone on cellular?

First , thanks for your help. As far as cellular goes, Ihave a cell phone contract separate from ATT, if that is what you are asking.
My wifi signal is as strong as ususal.
I thinik maybe I will unplug/replug wifi ,just because.

Fascinating!!I I turned off wifi on my phone and used my mobile data use and it works!
Plus my system staus is all green lights!!

Going to unplug and replug wifi. Back later.
Thanks for the tip!


This tells us that something on your home router is blocking ports or something. Chances are there may be a firewall setting.


End of Story.
Called ATT and while I waited actually “did” something that fixed it.
Chris, thanks again for your mentoring. this is not the first time you have helped me and is much appreciated!!

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Glad it worked. Can you share what you changed in case others run into the same issue?

They had me unplug/replug and did something on their end. Said ok, there you go and were kind of vague, other than pinging or something, and then ok, should be fine.

I had them for a while, sometimes there is an issue where its not a full connection so it sort of resets it. Good to know. Thanks!