Terrain not default

A week ago I re-downloaded the game to fix one glitch but 3 days after playing the game the terrain that shows by default on the map tab is not showing up by default. Previously it would always be on with needing to select it at the beginning of a new flight, however know it requires going into all the maps, (HUD, Map, map & FPL) to select show terrain in order for them to show. Has this happened to anyone else?


Is the terrain not showing up correctly in the map?

It is once I choose “show terrain” but previously between flights the terrain would automatically load on all the maps. Also even when I select show terrains some terrain is delayed from showing up on the maps anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds.

  1. The devs mad the map terrain as an approximation, to help ATC controllers decide where to move planes 2. Just lag

Makes sense with the lag however my terrain would show as the default on my map until this glitch.

Same thing. I’m guessing this was done on purpose, although no idea why. I think it came from the new update, but I’m not totally sure.

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