Terrain map in the HUD view


Before the recent IF updates, there used to be a terrain map option in the HUD while flying. This was very useful to negotiate an approach through valleys in mountain terrain to runways.
Now that we have the fantastic TBM that is capable of flights through mountains. My request is to please reinstate this option to enable pilots to find approaches to mountain airports without having to use liveflight; which always shows real position of the aircraft with a few seconds of lag.

Bring back the terrain map
We need 3D
map of mountains

This should really comeback. I think it’s a really important feature. It makes it much more easy and safe to approach airports close to mountains.


This is great idea although I’m guessing this may be memory intensive


That data might as well be streamed along with all the terrain data, that can’t take up that much more space.

Would vote, but you know, I’m out of votes


Please vote for it, it will only get to the dev’s if its got enough votes + it is an option for the user to decide if he wants to enable it on his device :)


Finally, a post that is actually good


I think I found this where it was mentioned it would be added in at a later date.


Also, take a look at this quote from Terrain maps:


you can use IFAssistant or IAP charts or DP charts will give elevation info


3rd party products, nah


APPR Charts are great of course; very useful for flight planning. Unfortunately the fixes do not exist in IF for many of them. Many mountain airports like VILH or VNLK for example do not have any APPR Charts even in real life. Live terrain in the HUD is the best way to navigate through such mountain terrain. Liveflight shows position with lag and you will miss the correct valley for the approach and need to make another approach to find the right valley.


YES! I miss those terrain maps back in the day… i really want them to return


I never said anything about live flight and I agree with you on the IAP charts but at least they give you a descent idea of the surrounding area


Heres what infinite flight said.


I do not understand why they would remove that feature. @Buccaneer


To work and improve on the feature to make it better for us users. Sometimes its required to remove soeme times from the game to work on !


I think this is incorrect, there are games with online and very good graphics and they do not have these problems, instead of putting more things on them, I honestly am worried about someday getting away from this game and I like it


I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss this feature. I hope it’s added before 2020. (just voted)


I remember pre global with this map. It was so convienent and really just helped me out on the game overall. They should defiantly bring it back!