Terrain looking lower quality than usual.

I’ve never really had a problem with the terrain quality before the CRJ update was released. I’ve noticed that somewhere around that time, my scenery hasn’t been looking so spectacular… I promise there is nothing wrong with my WiFi or device.

iPhone 7+
iOS 11.4


Before… at a lower altitude

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Could you please tell us where this happens? Or does it happen everywhere?

The terrain quality has been down in general, everywhere I go. All settings on high.


There are a load of places that have really bad graphics but yeh pics u showed us seems to be places where the graphics are fine.
I don’t see anything unusual
The pictures u took seem to be at different places and they both look fine.
I see one is near a city maybe and another is in the country side
Again,they look normal to me
Maybe you think one should look better even though it’s already at the level where it’s not needed for an update

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You can definitely realize the unusual blurriness in London City.

Cities tend to be just like that.There is just so much so it’s not as great as something in the country side ,or a small city

Even with patches of grass in places like Rome and Paris, the roads in between look zig zaggy. I’ve just never seen this before.

@ FL320

I have not noticed lower quality. I use to clear scenery cache before each flight. Don’t know if it makes a difference.

iPad Pro 9.7
iOS 11.4

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It’s always been like that
I think u are comparing places that have beautiful scenery and places that are just cities and populated places

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I thought I noticed something too on my iPad Air 1. But I think it is just a difference based on angle and height. I also notice that if my wifi is slow things can get a little blurrier. Also, if I change camera angles, things sometimes reload to a higher quality.

Edit: I restart my device before each flight, but I do not clear the scenery cache.

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