Terrain Issues

I’ve recently been flying to some well known airports. I’ve just come across St. Barths airport and had some really glitchy terrain issues. I’m not too sure if this happens anywhere else. Here are some pictures.

The upper circle is the real runway, the lower circle is the runway I’m seeing through the hills. The black line is where real/fake runways are separated.

Try clearing your scenery cache. Go to settings > general, (in IF) then scroll down until you see clear scenery cache.

If that doesn’t work:

  • Restart your app and clearing all other background apps before running IF
  • Restart device

Try what Marc had mentioned. Although, this is a known issue.


I’ll be sure to try it out right now!

Oh, this is the first time it’s has occurred for me. Thanks for letting me know!

This happens to me as well. I think that this is meant to tell you where the start of a runway is, or at least where the airport is located. Yes it is misleading, but I think it happens to everyone if you fly to an airport with hilly terain.


Unfortunately it did not help, any other suggestions?

I mean, I fly into “hilly” areas quite often and never had this issue.

What I mean is when you get close to the airport (maybe less than 5 NM), if it’s behind a hill it will display it like if it was right infront of you with nothing covering it.

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Oh wait, I see what you mean:

The problem is that airports are visible through terrain. I’m having the same issue with each every airport. There’s nothing one can do against it. It should be a known problem though. Reinstalling won’t help either. We can only hope FDS will fix this sometime because it’s quite annoying. It’s an error and not intentional.

In St. Barths the situation is even worse because the aiport is basically surrounded by hills

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Yes, as I meant to orginally say. This is with the app itself and theres no way around this. Sorry :/

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That’s intentional? That seems a bit misleading like you said. Was this purposely implemented? I’ve never came across any sort of encounter that had to do with this misleading thing.

Aww bummer, I was hoping to get some nice shots of this beautiful airport on approach. Oh well, thanks for helping me though! Much appreciated.

I think that this was implemented so it would be easier to locate airports over hills (and I’ve almost crashed because of this so it might not be the most useful feature IF has).

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According to people I think it’s just a bug. I don’t think it was purposely implemented into the game.

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Not added on purpose, but it’s a buggy side effect for how terrain and airports are rendered for the time being.

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