Terrain issues with some airports not loading

Could anyone help me with sorting out terrain issues on my IPad. When flying into Hong Kong earlier none of the buildings or runways were loading meaning I have to land on the dirt and use the map to figure out what I was on if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know all help is massively appreciated

Device: IPad mini 4
Operating system: IOS 15

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You could try and clear the scenery cache by going to
Settings → General → and scrolling all the way down

This should clear the scenery cache and might work
This worked for me when I landed in LEBL with no buildings, markings, etc

I have tried that but nothing happened

it should work, you tried to restart app then?

Multiple tires I might just uninstall then re install that game and see if that works

As you approach the airport, look at the top right corner of your screen, is Global Server working?

Yea it is I have green ticks on everything

I had this issue a couple years ago. I don,t remember exactly how I fixed it but I would try fully restarting your device. Hold the power button and then slide the shutdown thing, then hold power again to turn it back on.

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