Terrain issues in SCEL Approach

Hello IFC,

If you were flying about an hour ago on SCEL, you were under my vectors. I am creating this topic due to the poor service I provided, this airport has a very difficult terrain and I ended up failing, many lost their separation with the terrain, sorry pilots!


It takes a good person to admit their mistakes and a bigger one to apologise for it.

We all make mistakes, I would not worry too much. We understand, well done :)


Don’t worry, SCEL is actually pretty hard to navigaye. Last time I flew in approach held me too high and I had to go around once.


Don’t worry! It can be VERY hard to navigate, especially with 75+ planes. You did pretty good, it must be hard being an ATC, but it’s fine, everyone makes mistakes.


Hey there @Arthur were you the one guiding me (The Boeing 777F, IFC-Nick P, QF2343) into SCEL bc if so then you were doing a great job at it. Also, were you approach person or not?


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