Terrain issues... (black floor)

On final to KDFW from CYYC, I noticed that a wierd texture was appearing where the ground should be

Please tell me what is going on… anyway, I actually managed to land blindly (and on the runway) by using GPWS calls and the minimap so I guess that is another skill to put in the bag… :)


This is most likely because your connection to the global servers has been lost - meaning your device cannot stream the terrain.

In the top left, tap the orange triangle and there should be a list - see whether there is a green circle next to ‘Global Server’


Hello! Could you please give us your device specifications and note that there is a Server reset coming so this is most likely issue…

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I see that you have a red X and a yellow ! in the top right. Are you sure you didn’t have any issues connecting to the Global Server possibly? There may be a different answer but this could be a problem

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There was an API issue, but I sound what it means

EDIT- and a weather issue too

API Server is for connecting other apps to Infinite Flight. That shouldn’t affect your terrain issue

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There was one, just not for the API

Hmmm… the API thingy shouldn’t affect anything


I’m using a ‘mini 4, running on full settings

You’re right… that’s why I’m confuzzled

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Thats the reason of the issue. The mini 4 don’t have enough CPU power to run global on full settings, the same as de ipad air 1 and 2. The newest ipad can run the app very well, and of course, the pro. So i suggest turn the settings to low (everything).
The problem its not your wifi connection. Its your device

The Air 2 for example have been running on full settings without issues during testing, so i’d hold my horses before saying certain devices can’t run on full ;)


Not true, it runs fine (45-60fps)


I had an air 2, and gets very warm in full settings. So why this?

My ipad air 2 crash the app in a 4 hours flight. I was using midd settings. Why? Or its my internet conection? Its only 5MB per second.

Hello! Try dimming your screen and enabling IF low power mode on your device. If you have further questions, please PM me as this is a different support topic. Thanks!

Guys, I just want to know why this happened, that’s all

We understand that… Are you able to reproduce this issue?

I am on Air 2 as well and this happened to me.

You had 2 possibilitys: the Air 2 CPU its not enough strong to run global in all settings high, or intenet issues, but looking a fact, the most important fact. How much warm gets the ipad on the right edge? Mine, in full settings, gets very warm, and in low settings the heat cold down a lot.