Terrain issues... (black floor)

As you can see from this thread known issue and if you can try to land the plane at an airport use the ILS and then reinstall.

Happy new year,

Miniature black floor bug? Or UFO…


Happened to me and at first I thought it was a whale🤦‍♂️


Things happen with rendering from time to time.

Lets not stray from the main topic.


Yep, no big deal though.

The terrain issue happened to me a couple of times and reinstalling hasn’t corrected the issue yet


I learned that ensuring a strong connection reduces if not eliminates the terrain issues.

It does not solve the issue. I always have a strong connection but the black floor issue happens at random.

it can’t be storage becuase it is happening to me right now and i have 20 gigabytes of space on my phone

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Hi all,

just had a varient of this issue happen

looked away for 2mins on a long haul flight then when I looked back whole screen was black and could only see the HUD

I troubleshooted by changing image rendering or whatever it is called the top option on graphics settings to HIGH. Later I noticed if you change to low or medium again it goes black again!!!

I have video which I will upload when I finish flying. Let me know if you want to know more detail!

Also I have the above problem reguralary if I have a weak signal and I try to do ATC it just shows as a black ground or a sandy ground if at OMBD for example

So, maybe if you have a weak signal this problem occurs?

Just try reloading the app or changing the graphics setting (it will cause the simulator to load the terrain again). Happened to me once during 7-hour flight on A321 from KJFK to KLAX.

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This is a known issue by FDS and are looking into it. Now that we are close to 100 posts in, please stop posting the same thing over and over.

  1. Reboot your device before long flights.
  2. Lower graphics settings.
  3. ensure strong network connections.
  4. Limit your multitasking
  5. Close all other running programs.
  6. Changing rendering settings have also helped for some.

I’ve had this problem and it was fixed by creating more storage on my iPad Air 2. You can tinker with the storage settings a bit and it should give you enough space.

Storage is not causing this. 100% certain.


Then it must’ve been the graphic settings I lowered for Live in IF.

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What i worked out was on low and medium graphics everything would be black but on high it would be fine so actually i think it is a problem with low graphics

Just happened to me too. EGLL-KLAX throught greenland, hudson bay, and colorado. Last 30 minutes my global server disconnected and the screen started pitching around wildly (it’s hard to explain). I was on LTE the whole time. As I neared the ground the issue got worse and worse. 90% of the time the screen was going everywhere, and of course i missed the runway


I’ve had this happen.

Uninstall and reinstall fixed it.

Always remember this:
Before you leave your plane at cruising go to settings and turn all of the graphics to their lowest setting. Then, turn your phone brightness all the way down. Then keep the camera on Scenic (2).

Also, it’s recommended to restart your device and have all other apps closed before starting.

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