Terrain Issues - Android 6.0

So I updated my phone software (official update) last night from Android 5.1 to Android 6.0 Marshmellow and since then, I’ve been experiencing weird terrain issues.

  • Cone shaped tall water bodies
  • Water over the mountains/cities
  • Abnormal surrounding terrain (PHTO)

I tried flying through them, and ended up crashing. I have restarted my phone and reinstalled app without resolution. The same problems persists.

I have also tried changing the settings on the homepage under “Settings > Graphics > Terrain quality & Rendering” to High. Also checked in both Solo mode and Live mode. No changes seen at all. Never had this terrain problem in the last 3-4 years, and with the same phone since the past year with Android 5.0.

Phone - HTC One M9 Plus
Android Version - Android 6.0
Software number - 2.27.707.1


Waterspouts and sinkholes confirmed!


Where are these? Region, airport?

That could be interesting terrain to fly in :)


holy sh*t thats weird


Seen in all the regions.

These particular screenshots taken in the Carribean and PHTO (Hawaii).


What the … ?
It will be so funny to fly here

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It might just be an issue with your new software(wait and see if any one else reports the same issue). The devs might need to fix this.

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Try landing, Xtreme landing simulator :P. But yea that’s a serious issue… Make a file on the real IF website (not the forum one im trying to say) because its clearly an issue with Andriod 6.0

Maybe he was given a alpha access to the new terrain on IF


That is so funny. I have Android 6.0 and I don’t have these problems. What map r u on?

This looks interesting to fly through.

i want this XD


The terrain issues reminds me of FSX. I seriously wanna try flying with the terrain issues 😂😂😂😂

Imagine landing on the 2nd picture, 200+ knots per aircraft.

No slowly stall your way down onto a downwind and do a extremly tight base turn. It’s easy.


Looks like many of you want this bug. Guess what? Its free! #makeitfree

Back on topic, reinstalled the app again. Still the same bugged out terrain. Not fun.

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WOW! It looks great though! Mysterious and challenging! :)

I have Android 6.0.1 on my phone. Samsung went from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1.
I’ve never seen this.


Now thats confusing. Many of you with Android 6.0 dont seem to have this problem. Could be an HTC software specific bug?

To be honest, don’t want this bug, but I think for a day it would be so awesome lol


Looks like something from Templerun. If I were you I would take a fighter jet and Tomb Raider this crazy terrain 😍. Imagine doing loops around those water spouts. Then I’d want it fixed though 😅

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