Terrain issue

So I was offline, just to fly for fun. Then I noticed this:

As you see the terrain gets abrupt flat. I took off from CFY5, when you fly south you’ll immediately see the bug.
Maybe this could be fixed in a near update like SD77.

  • CRJ-700
  • CFY5 to N/A
  • Flight time: 00:06h
  • Server: Offline

Ps: Correct me if it’s in the wrong category

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  1. Move it to support.
  2. Its a known issue, some weird oddity from a certain latitude.
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It’s not considered an issue per say. Unintended things are, this is not unintended.
This is due to lack of topographic data above the 60th North Parallel.


rubs his hands Looks like I found a place to fly to now!!