Terrain issue

So after a long 20 hour non-stop flight from Melbourne, I come in for my second landing, thinking I had buttered the bread at -20ft/m, then this

So I decided to divert as EGLL was ruined and I had nearly 2 hours of fuel left over. Then at Gatwick I got this.

Excuse the horrifyingly Grade 1 like landing.

This a known issue on ULH flights? (Don’t think so cause I have done multiple ULH before) may it have been caused by an internet downage for probs 2 hours around 6 hours from landing?

Device iPad 5th gen running iOS 11.1

I’ve experienced the same issue like you in your second video after a flight from Sydney to Dallas. It happened like two weeks ago or so. But I did a lot of long hauls since then and never had this issue again.
I’m not sure what’s causing this, but maybe there’s an error with downloading the terrain data correctly when on a slow internet connection or after a connection downage which results to that “in the air landing”.

Yup - it’s an issue where there is a lapse in connection and the elevation is off. Not much you can do!


Will try to make sure my connection is better, definetly not stopping my ULH’s

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