Terrain height problem

Just pointing it out now as it is a bit unrealistic. It’s around the Mount Everest area.

Hello Kaiser,

This seems to be a scenery issue, so just in case, have you attempted to clear your scenery cache? If so and this is still happening, this might be an issue in that area. Can we also have your device make and model, please?

Give me a second just to see if it’s still there

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Okay I’ve cleared cache and it’s still there
image image

That issue will occur because of the topography given to Infinite Flight… You will find a lot of inaccuracies like this along mountain sides. Volcano’s especially - As Infinite Flight gets new/better topography and scenery, inaccuracies like this will start to disappear. I’d love to see the Grand Canyon get a topography/scenery rework ;)


Who knew Elsa from Frozen was up there. Better call Olaf and Anna!

Very interesting find! Is there any airport nearby so I can check height on my computer


That would be lukla VNLK (I think)


When reporting things like this, having aircraft position displayed in the status bar in the bottom is extremely helpful. That way we can locate the area immediately :)


Oh okay. I just spent a few minutes flying around the area and have not found it again. I’ll have a look later however.

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Looks like a scenery glitch. Maybe try restarting your device but I have to say that is pretty cool looking 😉