Terrain Glitch

When I went to start a live flight at the start I got the screen this way. Can someone tell me what happened here?


Clearly you loaded in wrong, exit and try again. If it happens every single time, then post for support…


Hy Sir,

That’s really strange. TBH first time I see that. But will fin a solution don’t worry.

First of all, send me your device informations, Android or Apple device etc…

Probably your device have not enough ressources to run correctly Infinite Flight.

Then I’ll ask you to quit the simulator and please make sure that IF isn’t playing in the background.

Once done try to open again the game, it should work (probably).

If not, I suggest you to delete the game and to download it again.

But when you say that it appear only on live, I think that your device can’t support live due to your ressources.

But well check that later, try now to do what I’ve told you please ;-)

Have a funny day!

No need to make a hen out of a feather :)

Like @THE-OP wrote, he loaded in wrong. I’ve had that happen once even with my iPhone 7+. No lack resources there. :)

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This happend to me aswell only every so often. Also please put your device specs (operating system) in the description of the thread

Have you spawned in [X] RAF Lyenham? It seems that such happens there. I think there’s a topic about it too.

Yeah but I’m pretty sure he have not an IPhone 7+ ;-)

Which is exactly my point. I’ve experienced exactly this.

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