Terrain glitch

Can somebody tell me how to fix this without exiting the app and losing my flight. I noticed this when I started by decent on KEWR - KLAX - UA 787-10.

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I would reload your app or clear your scenery cache. Should fix the problem. If not, delete and reinstall your app.

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Do you have enough space on your device?

I know but I don’t wanna lose my flight

Yes, over 100 GB free

I believe you can clear the scenery cache mid flight but I don’t know since I rarely have to do so.

Oh ok I’ll try

Didn’t work…

I believe it’s something with light, can’t see landing lights or the scenery

Just land your plane and you can reset your app after the flight.

Did you lose your connection along the way?
You really have 100gb free space? What device are you on that has 100gb of space?

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Actually I have more than 200 GB free and it’s an iPad Pro, I did land at LAX with no scenery with APPR. I reset my app and it seems fine.

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Glad it works!