Terrain Glitch

I don’t have any pictures and was just reminded of this incident because of another post I saw. But one time at Orlando everything was going fine, I had just started taxiing to the gate and the plane fell through the ground. I tried again after that time and the same thing happened.


Follow the steps mentioned in the post below and you should be fine! :)

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This is in the support category

When did it happen because there was a terrain update not too long ago. You said a post reminded you of the incident so maybe the terrain was fixed.

I think Starley meant this topic.

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It was a few months back, don’t remember the exact date.

Yeah if it happened a few months ago it is not likey a bug anymore as the airport editor team have updated the map since.

Falling though the ground is solved by clearing the scenery cache which can be found in the links above.

If you have a current issue please let us know.