Terrain Glitch

I was flying today and went to KLAX and all I saw was blackness and my plane, I resupaned in MIA and the same thing happened! I restarted the app and nothing would fix it, help!


Hello a quick scenery cache clear should help you make sure you are not in flight as you do it

click settings-> General and scroll all the way down to you see clear scenery cache then click clear cache

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This is the Black Floor glitch, try clearimg terrain cach, then restarting device, then redownloading the app…

Thanks! I will try this

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he should not have to restart device or re download the app. he just has to clear cache while not flying

Report back :) if this has solved

It worked! Thanks a lot man!

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Glad i was able to assist, Enjoy flying :)

Thanks a lot again! I will have fun!