Terrain glitch

I have a terrain glitch problem and when I try to clear with the cache thing it is not working (I am assuming this is a duplicate so sorry but I couldn’t find this problem anywhere else)

could you possibly add a screenshot or two as to what the glitch is like? Also what device are you using for infinite flight?

I am in Detroit area. So It should have the satellite imagery

It’s going to be blurrier the lower you fly. Does it look that blurry when you fly at a high altitude?

have you tried restarting the game or the device you’re using? what i used to experience with this was that after a simple restart of the device it will work again just fine, otherwise it could be a server issue and the dev will look into the matter soon

I tried the scenery cache and it didn’t work

I don’t think there is an issue with your scenery. From 4,000 feet that looks normal. If it looks like this at FL250, then there is an issue. If not, there is no issue.

No it should be more clear and there was a post on something similar in announcements. Someone please close this

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