Terrain Glitch?

On my approach into CYYZ, the terrain started to disappear. First of all, the terrain directly underneath me disappeared, then when I descended below 10,000ft, the terrain disappeared entirely. Even once I landed, no terrain, no runway, nothing.

Have you been able to and or tried to replicate this specific glitch at all?

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It seems to happen every time my departure airport is KLAS. Around 10 minutes into my flight, terrain will go into extremely low quality, and then the issues with terrain disappearing happen on my descent and landing.

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Hmm, have you ever tried preforming a hard reset on your mobile device after this glitch occurs?

All servers were green the entire flight

Yes I have, I’ve performed several, even reinstalled the app

What is your device and current os version

iPad Air 2

iOS 11.1 Beta

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Does this only happen out of KLAS, or does it happen out of other airfields as well? Also do you have any other apps running in the background?

Only out of KLAS. I’ll also note that all destination airports were in Eastern Canada.

Only other app running is Safari, which had my flight plan

Try closing all other apps, and see if that resolves the issue. A RAM reset prior to flight is never a bad idea either.

I had same issue but could never reproduce it. Happened when going into land at Melbourne, I assume it is just a server download issue? But if you can reproduce it it may be a mix of two.

Yesterday I took off from YYZ and everything looked normal? I’m not sure, I’m sorry.

Taking off from YYZ looks fine, and landing there when my departure airport is anywhere except KLAS is fine, it’s just KLAS to Eastern Canada that produces the glitch reproducibly

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That’s a known issue, it happened to me. Try reinstalling IF and rebooting your device.

Tried all that already