Terrain Glitch Results in Acrobatics Violations

I attempted to take off from Cedar key fl (kcdk) and as soon as I hit the fly tab the plane and ground started jumping around. The airspeed registered as 0 and I could tell I was on ground As I tried to figure out what was going on I got a message saying aerobics not allowed and I would soon be ghosted. I tried to start the flight again and got the same result. When I finally closed out and checked my stats all of a sudden I have two violations. I do not feel these violations should be charged against me in this lsituation. Is there anyway you can please research and remove the two violations that I received today or let me know what is going on. I was flying the Cessna citation X. Out of curiosity I signed on a third time and the Cessna 172 and citation ask now worked.

I think you may have fell through the ground. That’s corrupt files, so an app restart should be done in that case. About those violations, they may have been caused by your aircraft tumbling into the void.

As Nate said, you fell through the ground, I think a mod can remove your violations in this case.

What’s your call sign?