Terrain glitch (pic updated)

I am getting a terrain glitch in Infinite flight. This has happened since today. I’m not able to taxi if I can’t see the taxiway properly.

Actually this is the problem.

This isn’t a glitch. There are no taxiway lights (yet!) so currently if you want to see you’ll have to change the time. I believe (?) the devs are working on that, I could be completely mistaken, if I am, someone please correct me.
You’re not experiencing a glitch though, there are just no taxi lights.

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Turn up your brightness or change time to day and u will see if it’s actually a glitch or it’s jusf too dark

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Don’t worry it’s an easy fix most likely due to corrupt files.
To fix please go to settings>General>clear scenery cache.
Best of luck and get back to us with how it works!

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I have a Samsung galaxy s7. Where is “clear scenery cache”?

Settings>General> scroll all the way to the bottom


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Wait, are you sure the terminal doesn’t just end?

Actually, yea it does end, but I had that scenery problem earlier, so thanks for letting me know how to fix it.

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Anytime :)
Glad to help!