Terrain glitch near SBRJ?

Is this supposed to be here? Or is it a terrain glitch?

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Yes We have noticed this in SA and they will work on it


Ok. Is that supposed to be a mountain?

No idea maybe maybe not

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Where does it say it’s known? Just need a reference so we can actually say it is known :)

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I didn’t say it’s known @callum5124 said it’s known.Alot of users just noticed it since the global release

@Pinecone That’s no glitch. The DEVs have yet to acquire scenery for parts of South America. However, fingers crossed that new South American scenery will come at the end of the year.

Check this topic:

Here is everywhere that’s covered:

Orange = covered

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That is not the same. We have the accurate topography, which is what this is about. You are referring to the imagery :)

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You specifically said “They are working on it” :)

I thought you guys where aware of it and started working on it.Anyways I’ll edit and say will work on it soon

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