Terrain fail to update during long haul flight

Dear All,

During my current flight from EGLL to WSSS, I notice that the global map fail to update along the route. It either presented as a black spot or as a low resolution terrain. Has anyone encounter the same issue during long haul flight? Previously, I also flew similar long haul flight on the same route either EGLL/WSSS or WSSS/EGLL or KSFO/VHHH or KLAX/WSSS but never encounter the same problem.

Will be very much appreciated if anyone of you can offer some solution/ suggestion to address the issue.

Thanks a lot.

Are you referring to the map or the terrain? If the map isn’t following your plane, re-center your plane. If the terrain is a big “shadow”, whatever that means, that’s something different.

You are right. The correct term should be “terrain”. Thanks

These things can happen when material is required to be streamed to a device.

Think about when you’re streaming a YouTube video and it’s on HD (1080p or higher), crystal clear picture but then it gets fuzzy for a few minutes of the video begins to buffer all together.

With anything streaming a strong connection between provider (IF/YouTube) and the user (viewer/player/you) is crucial to the end product being delivered.

More than likely somewhere between your device and IF, the connection was degraded. Often times people see their WiFi signal and that they have 5 bars or whatever your particular device shows. That is your connection to the box, not your internet connection.

Try resetting both your device and internet means (router, modem, combination) and see if that improves. You may also be able to configure your modem to allow your device to have priority over all other accessing it for internet usage.

Best of luck!

Thanks a lot for your advise. I will try to do that to see if things improve. Happy flying!

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Sounds and looks a lot like this issue:

Your terrain files are corrupted due to a brief loss in connection at some point in the flight which stopped the accurate loading of the satellite imagery and topography.

A reinstall of Infinite Flight is highly recommended to fix this issue temporarily. Please ensure you have a strong WiFi or data signal so it is stable enough for you to stream the imagery data.

Please let us know if this solves your problem.

Thanks for understanding. :)


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