Terrain Elevation Issue at HECA


While landing at HECA (beautiful scenery by the way), I realized that Cairo International’s terrain elevation is messed up. The airport in a whole is higher than the terrain around it.

Since I was flying at night, it was hard to see in the pictures so I had to set my time to noon for you guys to see it. I hope this gets fixed soon.

iPad Air 2
iOS 10.2.1
Latest Version of Infinite Flight

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Thanks for reporting, I’ll try to fix it soon. :)

EDIT: after taking a closer look, I figured out that we’re unable to fix it. This is because there is one elevation for the entire airport (as multiple elevations isn’t supported in Infinite Flight at the moment). The terrain itself will slope, but the airport will not, which is why you’ll see airports above or below the terrain at times.

Don’t hesitate to PM me for any further details.