Terrain disappearing

Hey there! So basically I’m on a Samsung tablet and the terrain seems to be out of lines and stuff,it’s kind of a glitch,can someone please help?

Is this in a specific region, or all of them?

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Can you provide pictures?

For the most part, a simple reset of the app should do the trick. I once had all the runway/taxi lines out of place and I just had to reset the app for it to work.


This issue has occurred before on Samsung devices… Make sure you are up to date on your Software and Infinite Flight… If the issue still persists, try re-downloading Infinite Flight, and after that contact Tyler Shelton or Mark Denton :) Hope this helps!

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As others have said, can we have a screenshot? Without it, we really cannot help because we (usually) have no idea what the issue looks like. Thanks :).

Yeah,it is,it’s all of them.

Still no screenshots and visual proof to support your issue(s)?

Thanks for contacting support. Unfortunately this is a device issue that we’ve encountered where the device does not have the performance capabilities needed to properly render terrain and airports. I recommend using Infinite Flight on the lowest usable settings. Thanks for reaching out to us for assistance!


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