Terrain clearance

Hey guys,
Do you guys can see terrain in flight plan map?
Is it just me who can’t see anything
Please let me know, how can I see terrain in flight plan map, so I can set altitude according to that
Thank you.

Hey there! Unfortunately the terrain map feature no longer exists. It was on a prior version of IF but was removed.

If you are interested in having this potentially added again, please vote in the following topic.

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A great terrain and radar map that I use is ifatc.org. Just type in the airport that you’re at/over and you can move around your cursor/finger to find the terrain level at specific points.

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Coz I somehow saved myself from the terrain while I was flying.

One remedy I’ve come to use is skyvector.com. From there you can click “World VFR” on the top right corner of the map and it will display all terrain information in light blue numbers. They are color coded so you know here’s there are mountains and such. You may need to learn a little but just know that if you see a big number such as 10 and a smaller number such as 5 next to it, then the highest point is 10,500ft MSL. Hope this helps.

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Usually the waypoints and sids and stars will guide you around the terrain.

All these are like third party apps and websites,
I was talking about in game terrain map or something.

I was on my SID, but ATC told me to fly straight untill 5000, there I encountered terrain and I have to immediately change my altitude or disregarding instructions given by tower.

Was this on the Expert Server? If it was, you can send a polite PM to your controller at the time and explain the situation and where this incident occurred. We as controllers appreciate this kind of feedback so we can provide better service in the future.

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Yeah, I was on expert server. But I don’t know the name of controller.

If you tell us the airport you were at, we can help you find him/her :)

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