Terrain bug

When i want to play on my Samsung tab 2 10.1
It started the game and then the cockpit is black and i can’t see terrain its bugy its black and i can’t turn the aircraft.
Can someone help me or a delevoper can fix it
Thanks !
I have the lastest IF version

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Can you offer a screenshot please?

Yes please wait a minute


In the interim, having reviewed this, it sounds like a very strange, but unique issue. I have searched the forums and found no similar issues.

Try some basic troubleshooting steps;

  • Reset the app by closing it and then reopening.
  • If the issue continues, delete and then re-download the app

If the problem still occurs, ensure that your system software is up to date and come back to us at the IFC.

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I have the lastest IF update

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The only thing I can think, is that you need to visit the game settings via the pause menu and confirm that your graphic settings are set to high. Have you done this?

Yes i have but it doesn’t work already

And tried this mate?

The world is around 🌎

I reinstalle the game wait

Thank you @Turkish_Captain - Keep me posted.

The problem might be the way it was downloaded. It seems the download could have been corrupted in the textures. Try and redownload it. If that doesn’t work your phone might have problems that just aren’t experimented yet.

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