Terrain Bug

I was on infinite flight on 9-6-18 and I was flying over mid southern Alaska and I saw a thin gray line, it looked like how it sounds it was a straight thin gray line that was angled slightly that is made out of rectangles. I have IOS1 at the time, device is iPad Pro. Thank you!
Also I emailed the IFcontact email but none was responded. Thank you for your time and effort!
Happy Landings!

A screenshot may help.

You were at the 60th parallel. This is where the terrain transitions from 3-Dimensional to 2-D.


What’s that?

Yeah @Levet what’s that 👀

This may help. Take a look at what the poster in the reply I linked said.


Here is a screen shot

You can see a thin gray line above that Q400

Highlighted in the post from aviationex that explains “strange terrain”