Terrain Awareness and Warning System needed

Normally day haha, I can see.

TCAS is a “Traffic Avoidance” system only. It is not designed to provide the info or warning related to Topics issue. Max Sends

(Quasi-TCAS is already installed in the IF fleet. Next time your plane turns red in the radar return your getting a TCAS Warning)


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Yes! This is needed, I find myself too often when night flying becoming a smoldering aircraft against the side of a mountain. This would help a lot and make the sim more realistic!

Needed. Would love to see after my 3 hour long hop across the Socal region when it was dark setting and fog. Ended up crashing while trying to go through the very narrow Valley that lead to KPSP.

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I’d love to jam out to it :)

In all seriousness though, it would be very nice to have GPWS and TCAS implemented.

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This would add to realism alot

Nice idea. Currently many of us compromise using the terrain warning on the minimal which can be neglected when not paying attention.
As a precaution, ensure you have an AGL indicator on the bar ‘thingy’ on the base of your screen

Ja they should add that will be cool

In the Map section, go to the settings icon in the bottom right and turn on Terrain warning. That should help.


One time I was doing SYD to Canberra and I almost crashed . I was 900ft agl

The mini-map already performs both functions of the TCAS system:


MaxSez: Try "IF Assistant " it fulfilled this Nov 2016 Topic request.
Why bump this 🇹🇷? There are lotsa old unfulfilled request that are relevant.
Believe a little Due Diligence is required for all who Bump. That requirement should be instituted and enforced.


Buy Infinite Flight Assistant. It has a EGPWS system for 5 bucks


@Maxmustang and Reece, I have android which doesn’t have assistant

You could try out the GPWS warnings in the copilot app

In-Flight Assistant 1.05 (iOS): Flight alerts coming soon!

by @epaga

That^^ I wish I could get IF-A

yet. cue maniacal laughter


uh huh definitely a necessity

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I’m bumping this as I think it would be a good feature and lessen the stress of having to rely on third party app subscriptions!