Terrain/ airport loading issues

Hey everyone,

I was coming into land the other day at PHOH, And as I was on approach, the airport wasn’t there, it was just the regular terrain texture. I have had this issue also at RJTT and KLAS.

Any ideas why this might be happening? Thanks in advance

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This is an issue that was mostly fixed in a recent hotfix (I forget which one) but it seems there’s been a few topics about it still happening occasionally. These steps should fix it:

  • Clear scenery cache. If that doesn’t help,
  • Restart infinite flight and your device before longer flights or whenever this occurs
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Thanks so much for the suggestions, ill let you know how it goes


Indeed it happens to me very often to remedy it if you are in flight you can:
Put the graphics in low (all) then put them back as before and that should bring up the airport.
I hope I have been helpful!

Thanks so much for the help, that works, but doesn’t solve the issue every time, sometimes I have to fully restart my app to get the terrain and airport to load (especially at 3D airports)

Yes I know it doesn’t work all the time but the devs know it and it will be fixed in the future.
See you in the skies!

Molto Pronto!

I had this same issue yesterday flying between Lanarca and Cairo, the runway (05R) loaded for me fine however the rest of the airport would not. This has happened a couple of times to me before as well! Would be super nice if they could fix this :)