Terminal spotting!

Hello and Merry Christmas IFC! Today I decided to make a topic about pictures I took from different airport terminals throughout my travels this year… Anyways I hope you enjoy this and I might make a new one of these starting in 2022 so I wish you a great day/night.

Here we have our first picture and first flight of this year and it is an Aeromexico 737-800 at MCO airport heading to MEX.

And here we have another Aeromexico 737-800 (we’ll see many throughout this topic) but this time at SJO airport (Costa Rica) heading to MEX once again.

And here we have a beautiful Hawaiian airlines A330-200 at LAX to head to HNL in possibly my favorite flight this year!

Here we have an Alaska 737-900 and next to it is my plane a Southwest 737 MAX 8 from HNL to KOA on a very very short flight.

This isn’t exactly a terminal picture but the thing is that there is no terminal so what am I meant to do about that but anyways these are 2 united planes both headed to SFO from KOA one being a 757-300 which was a new one for me and a 737-900 although I flew a Southwest 737 MAX 8 to OGG.

Again not exactly a terminal picture but a jet bridge one from a Hawaiian A321 NEO from OGG to LAX (Spoiler it was a painful redeye flight)

Now an Aeromexico 787-8 from LAX to MEX!

An Aeromexico 737-800 in a special Mexico City livery from MEX to IAH with a LATAM 767-300 and Delta A319 in which was probably one of my favorite pictures of these.

Now we have yet another Aeromexico 737-800 from IAH to MEX with a beautiful Qatar A350-900

And to finish it off I didn’t exactly fly in any of these 2 but it’s still beautiful after arriving from IAH to MEX but this time on Volaris.

Well guys that’s a wrap for me until 2022 where I will post another of these or maybe a trip report the day after tomorrow of a flight I am doing tomorrow from Mexico City to Amsterdam (AM25) on Aeromexico’s 787-9 but for now it’s a wrap and I wish you all great holidays and great ending to 2021 as well as a good day or night! Cya!


Great pictures you got there!

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Terminal spotting, such a classic.


but awesome photos tho

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