Terminal Spotting @LAX - 7/28/19

Wassup guys! It has been a while since I posted something on the IFC, or done anything with IF in general. But, I think now is the time to get back into this whole shabang. The photos in this thread are from when I did some quick spotting at LAX in the terminal (of course while waiting for my plane). I hope you guys enjoy!

Sorry for the heat distortion on some of the photos, LA is pretty hot in July.

#1 Alaska Airlines B737-800 with a bit of the old livery


#2 American Airlines A330-200


#3 Qantas B787-9


#4 Atlas Air B747-400F (Previously Passenger Airliner)

Sorry about the colors on this one, the IFC is screwing it up and I cannot fix it. Trust me, it looks better than this.

#5 Alaska Horizon E175L

#6 United Express E175L (My plane! WooHoo)

#7 Air Canada A319-100

#8 American Airlines A330-200 (2)

#9 British Airways B747-400 Retro BOAC

Super bad heat distortion here, sorry… Really upset about this one.

Tell me which one you liked the most!

  • #1 AS 738
  • #2 AA A332
  • #3 QF 789
  • #4 Atlas 74F
  • #5 AS E175
  • #6 UAL E175
  • #7 AC A319
  • #8 AA A332 2
  • #9 BOAC 7474

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Hope you all enjoyed!


Jeffrey Varga


Those are all great! Can’t choose one lol

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Great photos! My favorite was the AS E175. 👍🏾

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