Terminal Spotting @KSFO 8/16/18

8/16/18 - KSFO

I went to go pickup my Grandma from SFO and spent some time looking at planes in the International Terminals (A and G). All pictures taken with my iPhone 6s. I know they aren’t the best but still thought I would share them.


Amazing photos my man, nice job!!! I wish I was at airports more often lol

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Amazing how much of a view you can get if the apron without going through security there.

Some great shots as well. Next time try adding some context to each picture, simple stuff like where it’s from and the specific variant. Makes it more interesting to read 🙂


Great looking pictures!

dont tell @BigBert10 you were at SFO…


ikr, it was amazing. I wish all airports had somethinng similar.

Wow, love all of those shots, especially that KLM 789!

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Great looking pictures! Why did you wait 2 months from taking the photos to post them on IFC?


I forgot about it. Lol. I have been spotting at KSJC but with no camera just for fun. Basically everytime I go to the costco thats across the street.

Oh THAT Costco! XD

I go there all the time on the weekends XD

I love seeing airplanes on final for Runway 30L at Costco!

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yeah, i went yesterday and saw a More To Love Alaska A320 and a Southwest 737 on final!

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Great set of shots! I love to see the B744 and 8 in action, along with the sparkling-new A350s and 787s!

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Ikr, i was so surprised to see the Asiana A350, it looked so shiny, (compared to the BA 744)

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Not to get off - topic but do you mean the Costco near Burke St. or De La Cruz ? I go the one behind the runway and often see Southwest and Alaska airlines aircraft arriving.

@GlobalFlyer1 Neither. I go to the one on Senter Road

And btw, Southwest and Alaska are the dominant carriers at KSJC (with Delta coming in third)

We could continue this in a PM as this is about KSFO!!!

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