Terminal Spotting at TPE

There’s always some really good looking Boeing 777 in Taiwan!

B-16712 New livery, arrived from Manila

B-16705 Old livery, to Shanghai Pudong

Which one do you prefer?

  • New 👆
  • Old 👇

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Here’s some extra spotting from the terminal

B-16332 Eva Air Sanrio livery to Tokyo Narita

HL-7756 Asiana Airlines to Seoul Incheon

Last but not least, my Eva Air flight to Hong Kong, B-17881

Thanks for watching :)


I love it 😍

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The new on the eva air looks really good

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Thanks Yuki, your Geneva spotting looks awesome too

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It really looks very good! 🤚

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The new one looks very good! Nice planespotting!

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Great photos!

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Thank you😁

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Not from the terminal but…. Thank you good day 777s! 👋


nice photo of the 777’s

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Mr big nose 👃


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