Terminal Markings

Youtube, this forum, and the mighty internet. How hard can it be too learn? ;)

So, a 2D picture with clear markings is hard to understand? Have you ever looked at a chart? It’s pretty straight forward.

You’re right too, but a lot of users will ask everytime how to read a chart, how to read a chart…

It’ll be very boring to tell them each times look here then here etc…

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For me not a problem, but for some users I’m pretty they’ll have difficulties

Well, i actually think they’re not even capable of launching the game is that’s the case. But what do i know… i don’t claim to be an expert ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Oh yes, this is definitely a necessity if ww don’t get 3D terminals.
Nice illustration by the way:-)

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only the one atc tells you to taxi to should be shown imo. maybe on the map, not on the screen

Great idea i would like the see in the feature better than the one i see in the pic ( like have gate number in the ground near the parking place )

In my opinion this is pointless. This is meant to simulate real world. Pilots use charts to do this. You can use Cameron’s app Live Flight (free download). The charts show

  1. Actual gate name used in IF
  2. The size of gate
  3. Whether someone is at the gate on your server
  4. All of the aprons and runways for that airport

Providing this functionality, although nice, would make the app unrealistic.


But the charts are accessed through a paid subscription.

So are most good charts. They are good value and an exact replica of the simulator. You can get the base app free.

My point is professional pilots in real life acquire charts to see where they are flying to. There are many charts available on the internet. Cameron’s app takes the data directly out of the IF libraries.

We the editors have spent many many hours referencing charts to provide the data source in these charts.

Why not just pay if you want access to all this info?

@Pilot_SK & your Peanut Gallery… MaxSez: Ridiculous! PreFlight, look up the Airfield diagram ( Google, Live Flt & AirNav.com are your friend).

(I’m with @Kilt_McHaggis… They wrote a song about this,; Title: “Let me hold your Hand”. Everybody wants a free pass, Earn your Wing’s)


I feel there may be a way to format it. Such as have a menu when you land and you pick the gate you want to go to. Then there would be a sign for the gate you chose.

Vero good, I like the idea and I think IF needs these!

Why not just have autopilot take you to your gate? Why even fly? Press the easy button and let the app do everything including changing diapers/nappies?

The reason that these features in my opinion should NOT be here as they do not mimic real life.


I think it is all everyone’s opinion. I think for beginners this might be good but everyone should learn how to read charts.

Please don’t get butthurt over this.(Leave that in 2016). These are suggestions meaning it is not set in stone. As a community we collaborate to make the sim better. I don’t see you coming up with anything good but just shutting down other people’s ideas

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Mr @seedman , I just happen to know a ‘little’ about the subject. Most of the gates you will find in each airport have been edited by myself. What you seek is already available in Cameron’s application. You may say that I am shooting the idea down. The better proposal would be to have Cameron’s app embedded within IF in the cockpit view so that when you bring up the map on the cockpit view you would see what Cameron’s app currently does.

My other point was that there is no point having the plane autodock to a gate as this defeats the purpose of being a pilot in the first place. You might as well download the companion app “Infinite Passenger”.

You mention
" I don’t see you coming up with anything good "

How about the 1000+ airports I have been involved in editing for the community as a volunteer.



All you would see would be gate signs

Ah now there you would be wrong. Cameron’s app shows YOU on the map and anyone else who is at that airport on that server. Cameron’s app also compiles these maps from the IF source so that all edited airports are available as soon as the are edited. It also includes ALL of the Global airports. Each gate is named and the size of the aircraft which can use that gate. Since this data is dynamically pulled from the GIT library, each and every spawn position is available to be shown for every airport.

Sure you wouldn’t see green poles sticking up, however, the thought being you could look on a screen in the cockpit, very much like your Nav in your car, see where the aprons, taxiways, runways are and who is currently there.

This app is available today! All that would be needed is to integrate it into the cockpit view!