Terminal Markings

Hello again!

Lets say you are in a United B789 and you are taxiing. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there were markings for gates saying what aircraft can fit and which airline operates it? Thats what this next feature is. The markings would turn red if you can not fit or if you are not from that airline. This would be helpful for ATC as well.

This would be turned on from settings like my other post.

Image showing TBIT terminal and gates, saying which aircraft can fit in each. NOT ACCURATE:

As you can see the red markings is because it is A) not my airline, and B) not my aircraft.

Thanks for looking at this. In the future ATC could say “Taxi to Gate 148”, for example, and you could know where that is!



I think this just looks too cluttered, and would also take a chunk of performance to load.


This is a great feature I always forget which gates to park at after landing


If you know about it, why do you still break the rules and post more than one?


I felt that it would be important to show more than one view. I will delete them.

You can merge them all into one picture


How do I do that?

Photoshop, or any other image editors


It’s fine the one image is good.

Would love this feature, as of now I use a separate site to find the terminal for whatever airline I’m flying, this would make that so much easier.


It would take a lot of work for FDS to research what goes where but maybe the IFAE could help them when designing an airport? Just an idea.

Gate classes have already been defined in WED

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Maybe the sim could register your aircraft type, and airline, then limit the number of possible gates it shows you based on that?


I think it just makes more sense to just memorize the airport charts and stuff.

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I understand that but it might make it easier for people with less knowledge and who don’t want to take the time to memorize. That is why this is an optional feature that you can select. It’s not mandatory.

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I belive that if you want to do this kind of thing, you would have to put in effort. Plus its just counting how many taxiways you pass and it would mean more work for the devs

I really like this!

I thunk maybe they should add the paint on the ground that shows how far each aircraft should park.

Just have a look at a chart!
Totally unnecessary feature.


Yeah you’re right but many people don’t know how to read a chart