Terminal Map for DEN (Model project)

I’ve looked around and I can’t seem to find an appropriate website that’s shows the terminal maps for Denver International. They show them from 2011 and 2013 but none from 2016 (at least none that I can find).
Anyone know a good site I can find an up to date map? Thanks in advance.


Have you tried skyvector.com?

I have not. I always have issues when using that website.

Cameron’s Live Flight app. All of the gates are named. It is dynamic. It shows ALL airports globally AND shows the size of each gate therefore what size aircraft can use it. Of course the actual liveries used by each gate will change on a daily basis.


I mean real world that shows the actual gates each airline uses.

Wiki will tell you which terminal each carrier uses. That is about as good as you will get. Further detail for actual gates can be viewed using Flightradar and tracking what pulls into each gate. If you have money you can pull real flight data fro several data sources but dont expect much change from $200!


Has he released the IOS APP yet?

I believe it is imminent. It is currently RTM => should be real soon!

I’ll have it wait on iOS app

That would sure come in handy. Too bad I have to pay for it.

Meanwhile if this helps

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Cameron’s app will give you access to every airport we have and in the future. It takes the raw IF file and plots it along with the gate metadata. Well worth the money if you intend to use global! I will be working with him to integrate Livery info into it soon!

That does help in redibly. I’m just looking for which airline parks at each gate. So that does help don’t get me wrong but it’s missing the key info

Check the wiki link I sent. It tells you the airline/terminal alignment further info is not readily available as it changes daily.

I search up, Which airlines park at Sydney terminal and went to images. It helped a lot and know I now where to park. But the Actual airport site might help

You could have just went to the airports website and its for for free! :)


Thank you so much! That’s up to date? And I could have gone there but I couldn’t find that. And Frontier only has like 8 gates now? They used to own almost the entire Concourse A

Its should be up to date. And I have yet to fly to this city or atleast travel through this airport and I would love to see those murals.

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