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Hello my fellow pilots!

Yesterday night, I had a dream where in the new update for Infinite Flight, you would be able to dock to a terminal for departures and arrivals at a gate to “load” and “unload” passengers. Here is what I thought:
As you can see, there is a terminal and a dock sticking out. If a valid plane enters in a valid parking space, the "Connect/Disconnect button will light up (this button would be placed by the pushback button on the third page) and you are able to press it, and the dock will slowly connect to your aircraft. The same for departure, except when connected already, the dock button will say “Disconnect”, and when clicked, the aircraft will disconnect from the dock, and you are able to start push back (If you do try to do pushback when connected to a dock, your plane will not move, instead, an error message will pop up) Also, I imagined the dock looking like the ones on real life, except without any HSBC Bank Advertisememts (lol) but just plain metal. (Please note that smaller planes, such as cessnas, will not be able to park in a jet’s parking space. If a pilot does try doing this, they will recieve an error message asking them to move to a smaller parking space) (On a second note, not ALL airport will have this feature. Only the large and medium airports (KSAN, KLAX, KBUR, KONT, KPSP, etc.)) I think this small addition to airports will improve the reality of Infinite Flight and for Global Flight.

@Laura, @Carson, and @Kilt_McHaggis, Please PM me if this may be possible…(I really think this is a great idea)

Do you think this is a good idea?

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Have a great day everyone!!!



Good idea, but this will take quite a bit of dev work.[quote=“CaptainSean, post:1, topic:49131”]
@Laura, @Carson, and @Kilt_McHaggis, Please PM me if this may be possible…(I really think this is a great idea)

Why? @Carson isn’t even a developer?


Cuz he is awesome :)


I think feature should come with the 3D buildings/terminals. Its already requested (3D buildings)


This is possible however there are a few challenges not least there would be a lot of design going into something which may not be heavily utilized. I would guess this would not make it on the priority list.



It way not be priorty, but could it still be a feature?

Its not a building. Its a moving dock

So is @MishaCamp


Yep!!! Thats right, they all are really.


Originally we placed 2D Jetbridges (static) and were asked to remove them. I can only surmise that at some point in the way distant future 3D buildings and jetbridges may become available. As to having these jetbridges move is yet another challenge. No-one knows to be honest


Great idea, but still, please don’t tag the devs :)


Alright. Thanks for letting me know Kilt :)

This would be a great feature but it would take Time to make

So it would be a jet bridge just floating, and not connected to the building? If there will be a jet bridge, there will have to be buildings.

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Well, the jetbridge has a lond stick and a wheen atached to it on the bottom, i wouldnt say thats a “building”

Yes but you can’t have just jetbridges, with no where for them to connect (a terminal?)

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As tons of people have said above, the problem is, it’s a lot of work and the Devs have higher priorities. It would require more than the jetbridges, because why have a random jetbridge and no terminal? That would look wierd.

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Someone already requested teminals :)

This is a separate thread, and he’s just making a statement not a request.

I personally would like to see jet bridges but id rather see taxiway lights first