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Hi there, just wondering if the development folks have any plans to implement/ add gate letters and terminal numbers. I am asking because at times when I am flying into field that I’m not familiar with, it’s hard to know which term and gate I need to park. Thanks in advance,p!

Good afternoon @Peanut_747,

I don’t exactly get what you’re saying. This is what you mentioned:

Could you please disclose the airport in question? Smaller airports with few gates have only one terminal/concourse, so their gate numberings is just 1, 2, 3, etc.

If you were to open up the app, you have to pick a gate usually. Additionally, you can see the gates and terminals of the closest airport when flying. Finally, if you zoom in a lot once you land, you can see each gate and their terminal/concourse (if applicable) without having to click on each gate.

I’m talking about in general, however I didn’t know that if you zoom in far enough that the terminal letters and gate numbers are displayed. This is news to me, but thanks for the invite, I’ll try that.

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You have all that information once you land…but if we could see that as you’re still flying would help a lot. In the case you’re landing in a multi runway airport you would know which way to exit the runway or which side of the airport would be easier for parking.

Yea once I found out the terminal and gates can be shown by zooming in to the airport, I was all good. Just was curious that’s all, thanks tho!!

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