Terminal buildings and developer roles

This is probably going to be a big no but, what are the chances of terminals and ground handling vehicles being added to IF? And how can one apply to be part of the IF development team? I’d love to help out if it helps you guys progress the simulator forwards in a timely manner?

Not possible without Project Metal.

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Ahh currently in development, I can’t wait for Cirrus clouds the fog is already an amazing addition I love seeing the fog gradually increase, is that live weather fog as it would be at the time in the country your flying in or just generic setting fog?

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There isn’t really a way to become a staff member. You need to do something that would make them want to hire you. Do you have any past experience? What could you bring to the table. If I recall, they go with the saying “make us hire you”. Asking to be staff gets you nowhere, you need to prove to them what you would be capable of. Their staff is our community. Do something that makes you shine.

In regards to buildings and ground crew, these are things that have been asked for many times and already have appropriate feature requests you can vote for. The developers are well aware of the want for these features. Perhaps when we are using the Vulkan API they might be more feasible. For all we know, they are being worked on now. Best thing is to go show your support in the appropriate #features category.

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Where did you hear that?

Anything is possible with enough time.


well I remember the devs testing 3d buildings a while back

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Thanks I’ll head on over and that’s what I was asking how to become staff I was asking them to make me staff haha thank you 😎😎

If you want a feature I suggest you go and go for it.