terminal and gate number?

so i searched British Airways using ifly, and its says that the airline terminal in LONDON HEATHROW is terminal 5, but how do i know which gate fits the 747?

Do you have a live flight horizon subscription?

no i can only afford the global lol

If you’re replicating a real life flight then in FlightRadar24, you may search after that flight and look at it’s flight history and zoom in on it, where you’ll be able to see where it was parked before departure. Additionally, you can search up any BAW 747-400 flights and zoom in and see where it was parked.

Like this one, you can zoom in and see where it was parked :)

Additionally, search up on Google, a flight that was operated by the 747-400 and it should say which gate it parked at (hopefully).

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Alrighty, I don’t have one either haha. Also to add on to what JR said you can type “London Heathrow terminal 5 gate map” into google. Then go to google earth or maps and see what gates have 747s at LHR.

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I’m not 100% sure if this is Terminal Five haha,
But here’s some shots from LiveFlight showing the aircraft sizes for the gates :)

Hope that helps^ !


searching on google is another headache lol, my only option is going to solo mode and park at any gate from that terminal and see is where the small/large gates are so i know where to park when i am doing an actual flight lol i also try to do the same thing for the arrival airport

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@MGM1 You’ll have a hard time finding gate info online since they only announce each gate 30 minutes prior to departure, but here’s what I found:

(Circled gates with 4-engine aircraft)

I’d assume that none of the gates connected to the actual T5 building (on the left) are large enough for a 747, but nearly all of remote gates should work fine.

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Ya. London Heathrow can be hard to find the right gates…

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