Tension under metal

Hey community members, today I’ve got some photos, of the F/A-18E! I fly the legacy Hornet on some other sims, but I’ve never flown the Super Hornet. Anyways, this was flown on release day, with none other than @Infinite_Qantas and @Airborne_Canuck. We flew in the Blue Angels livery, and I must admit, we’re better than the real team. Even though it takes a certain person 5 minutes to get into formation. We flew from Provo, UT, to some random uncontrolled field in Idaho. We flew in formation for some of the way, and then spent around 15 minutes trying to fly inverted over one-another. It was great fun, look out for more formations with these clowns 👀

Left echelon with IQ, while Canuck is doing who knows what 50 miles behind us

After Captain Canada joined us, we did some turns, and some not-turns

Myself and IQ looking good

Some cockpit shots

Burners on

Another spectacular turn

About to leave Utah

Getting ready to race to a random airport (a race which I won 😎)

That’s all for today, but I’ve got a good batch of edited screenshots ready to be selected for a topic, so I’ll have another topic relatively soon. Thanks for stopping by, adios 👋

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Amazing Photos!

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why thank you :)

Great pictures! 😍

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thanks :)

Good picture

Congratulations tayt, you got more than 25 likes for once

Also, very cool shots, love the last three!


ik, i’m so happy. thank you kind sir

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Fantastic shots! 😍


Thank you :)

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