Tenerife to Edinburgh

Join me for the FNF flight

  • Ryanair 738:


  • 0200Z

  • Expert

This flight is about 4 hours and 30 minutes, we should arrive just at the start of the FNF and will most likely get ATC at EGPH.

If you are down, just copy my FPL.

What time is the flight

I’ll fly with you but what is the time

It says it right in the description @Young_Cryptic

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In about 16 mins

Ok see you there

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See you mate!

But also I was about to fly from Miami to Boston

No biggie you can continue on that :)

It’s okay I’ll fly will you what aircraft and what airport
I don’t think I can go for that long I’m kinda tired

Here are all the details about the flight.

Can the flight be shorter

Feel free to speed up if you need to reach early.

Can I catch you on the next flight :)

Sure thing :)

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