Ten Years of IF

Idk if someone has thought about this recently but as we all know that IF is turning 10. And more and more screenshots of terminals are coming out. Is it just me or is IF planning on releasing 21.1 on their 10th Birthday.


You aren’t the only one!


We’ve all thought about it…
I really hope they do release it for their 10th birthday it would make sense!


Yeah I also had slight speculations, still not 100% sure though

I don’t think so, because one of the features will be the new ATC regions, and I think the current ATC schedule for the next 10 days isn’t what the ATC regions will be after the update, so I guess at least till the end of the 10 days there won’t be any update

Yeah I have a pretty good feeling IF is gonna release 21.1 on the last day of the 10 year anniversary event. But let’s not get our hopes and expectations up too high just in case it ends up not happening.

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i feel like it will come before the 25th of April, maybe some of the airports in the ATC schedule got buildings and we can enjoy them. IM JUST SPECULATING HERE

I’d avoid speculation. It will raise the hopes of users that read the post. If it doesn’t release on that day, a lot of users will be upset because they expected it release then.

It’s best to remain patient. It will be ready soon