Ten Volcanoes of Ecuador Tour

The Andes of Ecuador have a spectacular string of volcanoes. This loop of 382 nm in a TBM-930 on the Training Server takes a closer look at these volcanoes. Cruising altitude was 17000 ft and flight time was 90 min at 240 kts. Local time was between 11 and 12 AM. However, I adjusted local time to enhance the views of the volcanoes. The ten volcanoes are 1. Reventador, 2. Cayambe, 3. Gaugua Pichincha, 4. Antisana, 5. Cotopaxi, 6. The two peaks of Illinza, 7. The lake in Quilota crater, 8. Chomborazo, 9. Tungurahua, 10. Sangay.

Route: Nueva Loja (SENL) to Macas (SEMC)
SENL 0013S/7738W 0006S/7749W 0006S/7754W 0002S/7820W 0005S/7836W 0010S/7843W 0017S/7832W 0024S/7807W 0031S/7758W 0034S/7825W 0034S/7843W 0037S/7849W 0051S/7854W 0123S/7857W 0134S/7855W 0129S/7837W 0123S/7827W 0124S/7817W 0139S/7831W 0156S/7822W 0204S/7823W SEMC

#1. Reventador volcano

#2. Cayambe volcano

#3. Gaugua Pichincha volcano and city of Quito.

#4. Antisana volcano

#5. Cotopaxi volcano

#6. Twin peaks of Illinza volcano with Cayambe in distance left, and Antisana and Cotopaxi in distance right.

#7. Lake in Quilotoa crater

#8. Chimborazo volcano with Tungurahua in the distance.

#9. Tungurahuay volcano with Sangay in the distance.

#10. Sangay volcano


I’m glad someone did this. These photos are great, good job!

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Very creative idea and excellent photos, well done!

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I see you’ve upgraded to the TBM! Great pics and looked like alot of fun!

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These shots are amazing!

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