Ten things that people need to STOP doing in infinite flight

What if that doesn’t come to mind or they don’t have time to look it up.

Let’s stop complaining about others. About 4 months ago I was the guy who started engines at the gate and strobes at the gate. I had no idea. I tried to be professional but I just didn’t know. We gotta cut some people some slack. Not everyone knows the exact procedures in the game. As long as everyone is not trolling and being rude it’s ok. For the airlines at the wrong destinations I used to fly a United A320 around the globe because I wanted to. I didn’t know a place to find real life routes back then and I’m sure lots of people can relate. Even though I used to be that guy that didn’t know that much I still tried my best and I’m sure most others are the same. As long as the other player isn’t ruining/interfering with others flights we can’t get mad at the little things. We have bigger things to worry about than just complain about lights on a game in a mobile sim. Personally I won’t get mad for engines at the gate or anything like that because everyone is just leaning and I used to do that so I can relate. Let’s also remember, people make mistakes. About once a year I get ghosted for a mistake. I didn’t want the ghost. It was just an accident. For those who used to be like me here are some helpful links below.


Flight radar 24 https://www.flightradar24.com/29.53,-114.39/4
For free you can tap on any flight and see info. If you have silver or better you can hit search by route and follow the instructions. It will show every flight for that route
Google Flights
A very simple and easy way to find flights.
A powerful flight planning app for IF.


Thank you. Finally someone who understands that not everyone is super smart about aviation.

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I agree with everything here. This almost tops Tim’s rants😂

What a great rant LOL


I’m not sure if you are talking about expert server but you can vote for stricture rules to stop it or try to stop it.

This always happens at one point of the time 100% when I’m trying to control ATC at London-Heathrow or Los Angeles international airport on training server. I keep telling everyone “Only request for take-off when first in line.” This command is pretty much no use when controlling a busy airport as tower as nobody really cares about what the ATC when they are trying their best, but they just seems to be in a hurry. They request take-off when not first and do this about 10 times then cut the line and just take-off without permission. Quite ridiculous!

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Most likely not expert because you would probably be ghosted or receive a lot of violations quite quickly

I remember spawning in Brisbane and the aircraft next to me was a delta 737-900. What?! He then began to taxi to the runway very rushed, WITH HIS STROBE LIGHTS ON! Why can’t people actually play the game like it’s supposed to be played?

In regards to the following points.

  1. They can do whatever they want to do with that on casual. Expert and Training fine dont do it there but if you are going to rant about what people do on casual then that’s a you problem.
  2. There is a difference between using a purposeful spam callsign and just being fun. If someone wanted to use the callsign JUSTICE in fighter that is fine because there are actual callsigns out there that are not just airline callsigns.
  3. If it is a flight of 2 or more and is welcomed they can fly in formation in airliners. It happens a lot more than you think. Of course doing such without permission of the other person is just being a hole of a certain part of the body, you cant automatically assume a group of people did not plan out to fly in formation. Of course they should use the Flight of XX in their callsign but bashing people for using airlines for formation flying is uncalled for. There is a difference once again between someone formation flying others to be a troll and group planned formation flights in airliners.
  4. Thrust power is dependent on a multitude of factors and at some airports pilots do need to use 100% N1 or more for take off. Additionally, some aircraft have 100% N1s that are pretty close to their max thrust.

A lot of this is subjective about what you want others to stop doing to make your personal experience on IF better. Only a couple on here had to do with the actual respectfulness side of Live which is what is actually enforced and the only things that should be addressed with those having been addressed for the most part.


I feel your pain as I often control there too.

Come on guys. No need to keep arguing

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Hahahahahaha I can fully understand all these points.

  1. Flying the wrong airline. So why may i ask, have i seen loads of planes flying with liveries of airlines that operate on the other side of the world!
    For example, Ryanair in Australia.

I know it’s unrealistic. But it feels unique diversity for me.
But I agree every things you said 😂

I’m going to guess that wasn’t for me?


Yes I agree, this needs to stop on expert feels like it’s Tranning server some times

You’ve just summarized most of my pet-peeves.

This one isnt as bad. I am at fault for stuff like this one. My reason is I love flying out of Denver or Salt Lake City. However there are two intercontinental flights out of SLC (KLM’s SLC-AMS and Delta’s SLC-LHR) and Denver has only 9 (UA’s DEN-NRT and DEN-LHR, Icelandair’s DEN-KEF, Edelweiss’ DEN-ZRH, Lufthansa’s DEN-MUN and DEN-FRA, Copa’s DEN-PTY, Norwegian’s DEN-CDG and DEN-LGW). Due to the lack of flights to Asia from the two airports IRL I tend to do them in IF

Sorry not directed to you I mean he most likely not talking about expert as people would be ghosted or receive violations

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needs to a be 4th server called the no BS server enforcing all the above and more lol…

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