Ten hour flight

Doesn’t anyone have a good ten hour flight I could do if so please let me now

Crossing the Pacific is around 10 hours, add or take 4 hours


You should try a European destination to Tokyo they should be 10 hours or more

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Sydney/Melbourne to Hong Kong/Taipei/Tokyo is also a good ten hours!


Manchester to Cancun
TUI B787-9
9 hours 30 mins ish

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London to Salt Lake City is about 10 hours if you keep the speed up.
Madrid to Johannesburg or Cape Town should be about 10.25 hours at normal speeds.
Have fun!!!

Perth Australia to Johannesburg South Africa or vice versa, about 10.50hrs IRL. happy flying.

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Last night did CPH-MIA great 9-10 hour flight!

LHR to Houston is a 10 HR slog. Combination of a cross Atlantic followed by cross land flight as well.

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