Temporary solution to global flight (for those who record and upload).

Something that most people here must have thought at some point, flying from Heathrow to Los Angeles non-stop with the 777.
Sadly, for now, we don’t have such thing. But it could be sorted out by taking off from Heathrow and getting to cruise level before the end of the scenary, quit London, take a break, enter to Southern California, take off from an airport, establish a lower cruising altitude and land at the destination airport (KLAX).

The obvious downside would be the double load of work with the waypoint choosing and the time spent.

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I don’t understand what you mean. How is this simulating global flight?

I have a dream… That global flight will be added in 2016!


I hope so :/

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It is aimed to those who upload their flights to Youtube. Simplified it would be:
Take off from EGLL after having made all the procedures, reach cruise altitude and keep going for 5 minutes.
Take a break.
Spawn at the runway of any Southern California airport, make a flight plan at a lower altitude. Edit this after reaching the new cruise altitude so as to simulate a trans Atlantic flight.
Land at KLAX.

It’s not very practical, but I could only come up with this to sort it out.


Oh I see now.

In a 777? I don’t think so. BA use the A380 on that route.

That’s how I fly a lot of my ‘long haul’ flights! Two separate flights that simulate a long one!


I was using a random plane as an example.

However BA do fly a 777 into KSAN ;)


It’s all about the detail…

Sadly it’s a very time consuming method.

less time consuming then flying he actual route though…

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Max Sez. Workable and Legal go around procedure all thus far noted. Global Flight will come. Let the Developers develop. This issue has been around for years! My fervent 2016 wish: “Next change; Establish a 10 mile “ADIZ” around each Reginal Boarder. Surface to FL1000. Aircraft penetrating the ADIZ. Should be Ghoster with a 50% loss of total XP and a 7 day downer penalty”. (Note: An expose’ of those who accue XP by fraud eg: Numbers building outside Regional Boundries is imminent)

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Look what I caught:

UA and AA fly between the two cities with their 777s as well.


True true.

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Oh. Interesting.

I just wish global flight will be added on Friday morning honestly, it would be beautiful, and yes British airways use the A388 and B77W to LAX. Only that, the B77W leaves LHR later.

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Yep AA136/137 is operated by 77W’s

UA’s flight is operated by 772’s